What does Stephanie do?

Stephanie knows more about blogs, wikis, Twitter and Facebook than your average social media expert or web 2.0 consultant, which is maybe why she hasn't yet figured out a good title for herself, as she cringes a bit at the thought of calling herself a "guru" or a "goddess".

Here are some of the things she does (it's a pretty varied list, she's a real poly-expert):
  • create your blog or website with you in half a day (and teach you how to use it, of course)
  • provide strategic consulting to your company or organization around social media (what is this stuff? what's interesting for us? what should we do and how?)
  • give talks on almost anything related to social media: blogs, facebook, twitter, teenagers online, collaborative tools, freelancing, linguistic issues, coworking...
  • train you and your staff in the use of social media tools (web 2.0) and the culture that goes with it (group classes or 1-1 coaching)
  • promote your event in the social media space (blogger relations and outreach)
  • create content for your organization's blog or manage it
  • community management (if she finds your community/project/product exciting!)
Got any other ideas? Catch her on Twitter (she's @stephtara) or contact her through more traditional channels.